8 Sex Positions He’s Never Tried (But Wants To)

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1. Modified Doggy

“I usually like the view of regular doggy-style, but this looks just as hot. I’ve never thought to try it with the girl lying flat on her stomach, but it looks like it would create even more friction for both of us, which is never a bad thing.” — Jared, 24

2. The Lotus

“Woman-on-top always works well for me, and this position seems like a fun twist on that. It looks super intimate, since we are both wrapped around each other, but still has the classic feel of girl-on-top sex.” — Frank, 22

3. X Marks The Spot

“I’m a legs guy, so this looks like my dream position, lol. I’ll usually have a girl put her legs on my shoulders during sex, but I never thought to have her cross them and place them on the opposite sides. I’ll have to try this out … it seems like it would make things feel tighter, and give me a great view.” — Erik, 21

4. The Sofa Brace

“Since I have roommates, the opportunity to have sex on the couch with my girlfriend doesn’t come up very often. But I’ve always thought it would be fun to switch things up and move out of the bedroom.” — Joe, 23

5. The Seated Back Bend

“This position looks super fun, and is something I’d never thought of before. My only concern is that her head would bump into my feet, haha. But for real, I bet this would feel amazing for both of us.” — Adam, 25

6. The Crabwalk

“My favorite positions usually involve me being face-to-face with my partner, but never at this much of a distance. It’s usually missionary, where we’re pressed up against each other super closely. It would be hot to switch things up while still being able to look at my partner’s O-face.” — Seth, 22

7. The Proposal

“The name of this position is a little presumptuous, but I have a feeling that in the moment, neither of our minds would be on marriage, LOL. Even though it might not be comfortable to be on our knees for that long, I’d definitely try this position, because it’s something I’ve never even thought about.” — Hayden, 24

8. The Bridge

“I like the idea of this sort of “top-down” view of my partner. Even though this position doesn’t look as intimate, it could be a nice change of pace for my GF and I.” — Greg, 22

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