See How My Choir Master Fucked Me Till I Cried


It happened on a Sunday evening, I just came from a serious meeting and I was not expecting anyone. I sat down and was preparing to watch project fame, when the usual thing that happens in Nigeria happened. PHCN took the light, kai.


“Eheya� my evening has being ruined, but just when I taught I should go to bed, someone knocked on my door. I opened the door only to see my choir master at my door. “Can I help u?� I asked him “Don’t you know today is house fellowship and you are hosting us?� I saw it was raining, so I told him to come in and I locked the door.

Emeka is the kind of guy who I can say is recklessly handsome.

If you see his smile and set of teeth, you will confess Jesus is Lord, fuck! But I had to come back to reality, because I was going to host a lot of people and I don’t want trouble, but others had not come. It seems no one was coming, maybe because of the heavy rain.

So we sat down. I sat very far from him to avoid eeehm… and I was reading the Bible. Pretending to be virgin Mary, as I closed my eyes praying.

All of a sudden PHCN brought light. We both shouted “up Nepa� Emeka asked me to put on the dvd and get some water for him, I did as I was told. As the dvd was loading, I went to get water from the kitchen, only to hear him shout “JESUS� I rushed back to the sitting room, only to see the dvd playing blue film. I was shocked, fuck! I rushed to turn off the dvd. And tried to explain, but I was stammering.

Emeka shouted at once “will you shut up, you bad girl, I came here to study the Bible, now you have succeeded in making me think about sex�. As soon as he said that, he rushed me ozugbo, and started kissing me so deep, I heard him moan. Hmmmm.

He never knew I was good in lip service. I kissed him back, licked his lips and tongue, kissing his neck, as he almost…

To be continued!